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Letters by Sarah Vekasi
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December 31, 2015


Dearest Friends,

            I love all of you and look forward to co-creating opportunities for Eco-Chaplaincy in this next year. Thank you for your support, and thank you for all of your work. Many of you who read these letters are activists, cultural workers, movers, and shakers. I am grateful for all of your work and love being able to support yall as a listener, mediator, meditator, activist, potter, and mentor.

            As global climate chaos becomes more tangible in our communities, and tension and violence continue to escalate and polarize nationally, it is more important than ever to use this upcoming year to be our best selves – to work on behalf of our collective survival by using our skills of wisdom  and compassion; to uproot racism and transform our relationship with power and natural resources at the root. We can do this. We already do this. I love helping us do this. Thank you to all.

            If you feel moved to donate to the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative for 2015, please send a check to 118 Beech Street, Black Mountain, NC 28711, or donate online today at http://www.ecochaplaincy.net/donate.html. And if you want to help ring in 2016 with ample funding, feel free to donate any time in early 2016. I love you all and am so grateful for all yall.