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Dearest Friends,

            Thanks to Bill Murray’s movie, today is my favorite Buddhist holiday. Happy Groundhog’s Day! If you have not seen that movie, I highly recommend it. In short, the same day keeps repeating over and over again until the main character learns to see outside of himself, while also being true to who he is, and moves with compassion and honesty through the world. I find the movie to be a brilliant demonstration of the Buddhist teachings of karma and reincarnation.

I am bringing it up because I need a re-start on this year, similar to how Bill Murray has a restart to a day on repeat for a few months.  I love the beginning of the year, and this year I had big plans for the coming months, but sadly, my projects were thwarted thus far by a concussion. At the end of December, I hit my head hard while playing with my two year old nephew, and am just now able to use all my cognitive skills after a month of focused healing work. Ugh. I am grateful for the opportunity to heal, but I don’t wish the experience (nor the medical bills) on anyone.

At any rate, now it is Groundhog’s Day already, and I am ready for the year to begin (again). I find myself full of ideas and in need of help grounding them with financial security, in part through your generous support. If you are able to contribute towards the work of the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative, please do so online at http://www.ecochaplaincy.net/donate.html, or through the mail at PO Box 1114, Black Mountain, NC 28711. All donations are tax-deductible and go far toward making this work possible.

More ways to support this work are to organize workshops and teaching situations for me to come to your community; directly hire me as your Eco-Chaplain for individual pastoral sessions, facilitation, and mediation (all of which can be in person or over skype); and/or spread the word! Thank you all so much!

I believe in all of you, and I send out my love and strength across the land and waters to reach each of you in this new year.

 Love again and again,