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Dearest friends,

            According to the internet, today is “Giving Tuesday,” a day marked for us to donate to the organizations and causes that move us toward generosity. With this in mind, I ask you from the depths of my heart to please donate generously today to the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative. Due to your support, I have been able to birth Eco-Chaplaincy into life, and bring the work into the coalfields of Appalachia, and beyond, these past five years, and all because of your support. Some of you are monthly donors, and I am SO grateful! Some of you send me three or five dollars, when you can, and my heart soars with gratitude. If my letters have ever inspired you, and you want this work to continue, please donate today, either online at http://www.ecochaplaincy.net/donate.html, or through the mail to PO Box 1114, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

I love the idea of focusing a day on giving. Let’s expand the idea. What if we had a day to really lift up and celebrate all the giving so many of us do on a daily basis: the giving of our time, giving our passion, our creativity, our energy toward something greater than ourselves? I guess this could be the same as Thanksgiving - but with more of an eye toward celebrating how our presence in the world contributes toward our collective survival. I would love to spend a day celebrating each and every one of you, and all the ways you uniquely fight for justice and bring transformation into our time of global crisis. Thank-you all.

I look forward to continuing to teach and manifest Eco-Chaplaincy in the world, and rely on yalls support to do that. Thank you so much for believing in this work, and staying connected in this journey. Please donate today, either online at http://www.ecochaplaincy.net/donate.html, or in the mail at PO Box 1114, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

With great love,


 PS, If you are looking for holiday gifts and would rather buy pottery from me than give your loved ones a contribution to the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative, you can do that online as well at: Sarah Sunshine Pottery, www.sarahsunshinepottery.com.