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December 30, 2013


Dearest friends,

            2013 is ending soon. The days are beginning to get longer, and winter has settled in. I have big Eco-Chaplaincy plans, which I am excited to share as we go into it, but first, before this year-turning, let us all take a moment be aware that another year is over. The more we honor transitions, the more present we are.

In Breath:

     The year is almost over.

Out breath:

               The year is almost over!

What was your year like? What do you want to take with you? What did you pick up this year that no longer serves you? How will you let go of anything you no longer want to hold onto? My Eco-Chaplain self urges you to take at least a few minutes to sit and contemplate the year turning over. Allow yourself some time to hold onto blessings and let go of old patterns.

Some ideas for a year-turning-ritual are to: sit with a candle and contemplate your year; write in a journal; write down old patterns on slips of paper and burn them, or offer them to moving water, and make beads for everything you want to remember to keep, and string them. Lay old habits to rest by writing them down and burying the paper, or molding clay and throwing it into the woods. Honor learned skills by ritualizing them. Make an alter. Have a fire. Write poetry. Make art. Breathe into the present moment……etc. Notice this turning. Notice that you are alive.  

In breath:

                        A new year is here.

Out breath:

                        A new year is here!

I sometimes call 2013 my lost year – but that isn’t really fair is it? I was right here, experiencing life in an unexpected sort of way. It was long and hard and beautiful and different. Know what I mean? In the process of a whole year of healing, I experienced what it was like to live through the generosity of all of you. I stayed at home all year, and without even fully noticing since “I was too sick to work,” I blossomed into a full-fledged studio potter (www.sarahsunshinepottery.com)! I am glad to report that I am feeling strong and healthy again. I can drive, my eyes have mostly recovered, and I am really looking forward to engaging in the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative with vigor once again.

Of course, to be able to get back into the swing of things, I would really appreciate your support by sustaining the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative with your donations. Every donation helps. You can donate online at http://www.ecochaplaincy.net/donate.html, or through the mail to the Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative, PO Box 1114, Black Mountain, NC 28711.


My love and gratitude goes out to all of you,