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What is Eco-Chaplaincy?
Letters by Sarah Vekasi
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         Eco-chaplaincy is a form of inter-religious and secular ‘spiritual’ chaplaincy designed for people engaged in environmental and social justice work; coined by Sarah Vekasi, M.Div. in 2005.

Eco-chaplains support organizations, activists, organizers, individuals, and communities who are engaged in helping life continue on Earth in this time of great turning.

Just as a patient in a hospital or a soldier in war can receive support from their chaplain; organizations, activists and community members can turn to an eco-chaplain.

Sarah Vekasi is a professional eco-chaplain and is available to work with you and your organization or community. She is available for:

  -Individual Pastoral Counseling

 -Facilitating the Work That Reconnects

-Reflective Listening, Empathy

-Communication Support

 -Preventing and Managing Burn-out

-Group Process Work



-Restorative Justice Practices

-Rituals and Ceremony

-Listening Circles

-Conflict Resolution

-Self-Care Practices

-Group-Care and Reflective Practices





-Lectures, Classes, and More!

*Sarah Vekasi is a member of the national network of trained facilitators of The Work That Reconnects, created by Joanna Macy. She can bring this work to your organization or community through weekend or week-long workshops, retreats or in weekly sessions.


Please contact Sarah Vekasi for more information and to discuss how you may best be served by clicking here. Fayette County, WV