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What is Eco-Chaplaincy?
Letters by Sarah Vekasi
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image025.jpg       Eco-chaplains are also change-agents, like all of the people they attend. This means eco-chaplains also can teach and train and speak out. In many ways chaplains thrive as change agents because they are used to being so versatile that there is less risk of letting this aspect of one’s ministry monopolize. Some particular skill-sets and ideas ideal for this role include teaching living systems theory and connecting people with the appropriate religious teachings about interdependence specific to their tradition. Additionally, deconstructing the industrial growth society is important; as is being able to articulate and explain the shift to the Great Turning.
     Overall, eco-chaplains can facilitate workshops or teach seminars, classes or groups in a myriad of ways when deemed appropriate. Eco-chaplains poignantly engage the role of change agent when interfacing with folks still invested in the perpetuity of the industrial growth society. For example, some activities are:
  • Facilitating community-based dialogue between disparate interests involved with issues affecting the ecological crisis, such as corporate stakeholders, union leaders, affected community members and activists.
  • Leading ethics consultations or boards in communities, counties, states and nations regarding social justice and environmental issues.
  • Writing letters, articles, books, blogs, etc. and speaking publicly about the spiritual implications of ecological crisis.